Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ultimate Revenge

What is the Ultimate Revenge

The Ultimate Revenge is getting back at someone who Honestly Deserves whatever they get, Whatever it might be. There are people in this World who Deserve the Ultimate Revenge. People who might deserve The Ultimate Revenge inclued Bullies, Tatteltales, Liars, Thiefs, Conartist, Backstabbers, Cheaters, Abusers, and Braggarts...just to name a few, the list goes on and on.

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Why, why let these People get away with whatever they want to and push you around, why not get the Ultimate Revenge on The fine Folks who Deserve it Most. (Especially if they have done something to upset you either directly or indirectly)

Fast Fact.

There are those who will go through life and never experience the joy of Gettting Revenge on someone and why?? Because of there moral beliefs on Revenge!!...Come on listen to your instincts...if you think the bum deserves it then he/she most likely does. (Pardon me but the truth is sometimes welcome)

Yes the bible said turn the other cheek, but also it said an eye for an eye!! (Revenge)

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The Ultimate Revenge can be sweet as they say but The Ultimate, Ultimate Revenge is best served Cold, Tasteless and Hard!! The Ultimate Revenge isn't deadly and shouldn't cause anyone any harm. Revenge should be relieving and stress FREE, with no worries, just pure unadulterated Satisfaction.

When you get the Ultimate Revenge on Someone it should be Exciting, Fun, and relieving, and you shouldn't have to worry about any repercussions or consiquences.

There are many factors that go into The Ultimate Revenge, and the main one is...NOT GETTING CAUGHT!! Easier said than done sometimes, I know, But when you're dealing with The Ultimate Revenge it should be Carefully planned out and Mythodically Thought Through.

When attempting to get the Ulitmate Revenge you have to think of every possible outcome and plan your Revenge accordingly. First ask yourself can and will I get away with it and if so will I be satisfied, will I feel guilty, will I be Happy, will I want to do it again....(((Which is Ok...Revenge 'em as much as you like till you feel better...Just make sure you don't get Caught)))

Never mind the poor sap you're thinking of getting the Ultimate Revenge On. He/She Probably Deserves The Ultimate Revenge considering you're considering getting even with 'em for upsetting you somehow.

Everyone gets upset and wants revenge sometime, and why?? Why Should you Deny yourself of a little harmless pleasure and satisfaction of getting Revenge on Someone who Honestly Deserves it.

You should stand up for yourself and get your Revenge, life is to short to go around upset and mad at someone ( in some cases a group of people )....Get back at 'em and get a little satisfaction for petes sake...Get Your Ultimate Revenge.

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I know what some of you might be thinking...Here are some of the More Popular Excuses for not Getting The Ultimate Revenge on Someone:

I just don't have the time, or I'm Scared, I'm scared I'm gonna get caught, I' scared I'm gonna do it wrong, I'm Scared someones gonna find out...ya ya ya.... no one can find out if you Keep your Mouth Shut...

The biggest secret to getting Revenge on Someone and getting away with the Ultimate Revenge is simple...(just keep it quiet and don't tell anyone). You cannot tell anyone, because trust me on this, the very people you will fight for, can turn on you at the drop of a Hat....

So what do I do to get the Ultimate Revenge? How do I get the Ultimate Revenge?? Don't worry We can and will do it for you, all you have to do is keep quiet..... We will get your Ultimate Revenge on them for you. You won' have to be bothered with any of the annyoning little things that keep you from getting your Ultimate Revenge On Someone.

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